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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Extra Baggage

No, I'm not talking about my 12-pack gut, I finally got the updated version of AltanaCubby over the weekend (it has the mog satchel now) and noticed my storage mules were just full of crap I'll never use again, particularly the mage mule.  This seemed like a good time to do some moghouse cleaning and what I found was surprising.  I have about 100 pieces of low level (mostly) gear that I'll never need worth roughly a million gil.  I kept some +1 sets like my Federation Gi, Bone/Beetle and Kingdom, though other than a few pieces they will probably forever remain in storage, but they hold some value to me cause I busted my ass back in my low level days to get that stuff.  I also kept all the gear I need for each of my jobs that I've leveled, can't imagine selling gear I could use on a job only to buy it back months later when I need it again.  Regardless, now the mules will have a lot more free space for me to send the new crap I'll never use again to them...of course this is all dependent on me getting the useless stuff sold.  I think maybe I'll buy the stuff for Gobbiebag X with my (potential) newfound gil... :D

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