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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soloing in Campaign

This topic popped up on Alla and I considered replying, but some people there are simply dipshits and I didn't feel like bothering with them.  My thought on soloing in Campaign is simple, I fucking hate it.  Your selfish ass wants to eek out as much XP as possible, but my selfish ass doesn't like my time being wasted, in my book time wins over XP.  So what if your unique snowflake ass extended an otherwise short Campaign and got everyone a couple hundred more XP, that "reason" is just a facade you are hiding behind.  Truth is these people could give a shit about everyone else, they use the fact we all "benefit" by getting some extra XP as an excuse for them to waste everyone's time.  Sorry, Campaign soloers, I have Campaign tags because I WANNA HIT SHIT, not stand around and wonder if another wave is coming.  If I'm in Rolanberry expecting another wave then that means I'm not in Bastok seeing Campaign messages about where a battle really is about to take place.

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  1. people should have to take an IQ test before being able to play FFXI, and another one should be placed before they're given Allied Tags.