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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Being a Leader and Stuff

Since my recent promotion to sackholder in Obsidian I don't feel like I've done a whole hell of a lot to justify it.  I took attendance once, I haven't set up any parties (not that I'm in a rush to do this part honestly), I haven't done any pulling, I haven't collected coins, I've barely even done much in terms of crowd control.  Arnor expressed this the other day about him having a sackholder position in our Limbus shell, he feels like he's just another member and not someone in charge.  I told him I'd back him up with anything he wants to do in Limbus and I'd like for him to feel like he's worthy of the sack.  You see, it' not having a sack and being in charge (I prefer to give guidance as opposed to orders), I just want to be able say, "Hey, I'm a sack in Obsidian and do all this awesome shit in one of the longest running and most prestigious Dynamis shells in the game!"  Like Arnor, I find myself wondering if I'm a leader or just someone with a fancy title...


  1. You're on a leash atm so to speak. :)

    Once we get the pulling guides up, the leash will be cut loose and you're free to do whatever you want in regards to admin tasks.

    Windurst should be done by the end of the week and the rest of the guides won't take anywhere near as long to finish up.

  2. btw...

    You left off "All of the Above" in your poll. :D