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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wings of the God Damnit

Got some of this silliness accomplished today with Dean, Strav, a lil bit of Rudi and two people whom I don't know (they are friends with Dean and Strav).  The story has been pretty good, I'm enjoying it, but good grief, couldn't they have found a less indirect way to tell it?  Doing the city quests is an interesting idea, but making some of them fights just sucks.  Why?  Well you have to find people who are on those fights.  Not that the concept is unique or anything, all of the other expansion were team oriented too, but the difference for WotG is people can branch out in three different directions, whereas the others were linear from start to finish.  Bitching aside, we finished the Bastok storyline today, killed the orc for Quest 7 in the Sandy storyline, and threw 2 BLMs at the Yags for quest 5 in the Windy storyline.  We'll do more next Saturday and baring any surprises will be ready for the next wave of quests and missions in the November update.

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