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Monday, February 22, 2010

Drakus the Ranger

So I've been toying around with RNG for some time now with the intent of taking it to 75, but there are two things that have been holding me back. The first is leveling, I fucking hate it, getting me in an XP party is akin to a dentist drilling your teeth without Novocaine, in other words, it doesn't happen often (and in fact my RNG is almost 38 and it's been entirely solo). I can not stress how much I hate leveling, but this is something we all have to do and at some point I'm going to just need to get over it, whether I want to or not. The second issue has been gear, I'm reaching the levels where gear selection and macros are actually important, but I have yet to set time aside to map out my gear to 75 (in contrast, I had gear mapped for BLM when it was just level 10). I'm not sure why I've dragged my feet on gear, it might be that I haven't quite determined what all a RNG does (I know it shoots stuff because that's what I've been doing while soloing), I dunno. At any rate, after what happened in Dyna Tav yesterday I feel like I have to get off my ass and start pushing this job through (I got RNG body and RNG legs -1 yesterday) because I don't want people to think I'm being a lootwhore.

Did I mention I hate leveling?

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