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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to the Next Decade

Well now that the holidays are over it seems like is returning to normal, maybe holiday hangover is real. All of my endgame activities have went really well and I don't need to pound the keyboard in anger as I type all of this today :)


Last Friday our mage team lost Apollyon because they pulled KB with one of the babies still wandering around, not sure what happened there, seems to have been miscommunication or something. So as a result we have to redo NW on Monday as well as SE to get the two Omega chips we needed. We had 19 people show up, so we threw six BLMs and a BRD at NW, and went DD heavy for SE. Both runs destroyed their respective zones with a ton of time left on the clock (NW even took the time to kill Cynoprosopi). It was nice to see people come back after a botched run and lay waste to it.


Last night we took out Odin in about 15 minutes and it didn't even feel like we were trying. I know from my own perspective it was a breeze, during my two times kiting I lost exactly one shadow and when I went in for the last 10% I got the killshot from my 2hr. I guess most people felt the drops were crap (though they always seem to be crap unless and E Body drops, which makes no sense because only two people are trying to get it), but the Hadean Abjuration: Legs were among the drops and that was the piece I really wanted so as far as I'm concerned the drops were awesome.


Last two runs have been impressive, especially Valkrum. Valkrum was like being an action hero and kicking the door to the bad guy's hideout down, we were badass. We had 20 minutes left when we got to the boss and despite our best efforts, the damn thing ignored stun and wiped everyone with breath. Like any action movie, the hero has to get his ass kicked a bit before gritting his teeth and laying the samckdown on his foe and that's exactly what happened. We got up, rested back to full (still had a ton of time on the clock) and dropped that fucking malboro in less than a minute. Obsidian then went on to pillage the zone, killing all the hippos, cacti and manticores, we were on the last of the sheep when time ran out.

Glacier was a bittersweet run, we cold-cocked everything in our way and managed to get three (yes, I said three) attestations with plenty of time left to still go for the win. Unfortunately this is where things went south, on the boss pull someone missed their cue and the boss went with the dragons, by the time we could regroup the dragons were on their way back to kill everyone. Folks managed to get the boss down to 41%, but the dragons wiped everyone out before we could finish. Was very disappointing end after such an excellent run.

Oh and tonight will be my 100th Obsidian run (damn shame it has to be in Windy, I don't like that zone), I may stop by the grocery and get cupcakes to celebrate, lol!


Unlike my other endgame activities we didn't have the so-called holiday hangover, we've been steadily climbing and are now on Floor 90. Sadly we have only seen one gear drop and none of our appraisals have been worthwhile. That said, barring any surprises, we'll have three shots at the win next Tuesday. Once Floor 100 is finished I'll get Blade: Kamu, hopefully that happens next Thursday.

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  1. Crap Drops: 3 drops
    Good Drops: 4 drops
    Great Drops: 5 drops

    Can also define drop levels by how much demand there is for a particular drop. We have a ton of demand for E.Body, A.Body, V.Fork, etc, but not so much for what dropped Tuesday. Doesn't mean it's all crap, but usually when you see just 3 drops and the total point values for the items are less than 15p...not a real good night from a drops standpoint. :)