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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Scandelous

The New Social

It's been a little over a week since I closed my Nightmare Syndicate shell and moved into Kimi's Purple Taru Eater (Scandelous) shell, and while I've managed to move most people over, I feel like there is some resentment.  A lot of the members were given a Sky/Social shell that seems to be their new shiny, which, meh, fuck it, go play with your new shiny, cause I got my own shiny to play with. :D  So far I'm liking Kimi's shell, lots of people I know (and who make me look like a noob) are in it and it's nice not to be in the de facto in charge person.

The Old Social

I remain bummed that Nightmare Syndicate had to be closed, but it was rather depressing that there were only 2-3 people in it most of the time, despite the fact there was something in the neighborhood of 15-20 members.  I think a few people are holding it against me that I didn't do more to keep it active, but this was my third go-around leading a social and I think maybe the tenth or so I've seen dwindle to a few people so I've got a pretty good handle on when a shell is dying.  As such, I decided to take a different approach than I've taken in the past, this time I talked to the people on my friendlist about their socials and ultimately decided Kimi's would be the best fit for my shell to merge into.  I'm sorry that folks may be little upset by this, but fact of the matter, there isn't much socializing with less than a handful of people around, something had to be done.


Limbus has been going great, we have 29 active members and have had little trouble making split runs.  In fact, things have been so well we've only lost one run since the middle of July, I think we're something like 45-1 during that stretch.  We also have a new website, which, after dealing with our previous website, is fucking awesome.  I'm able to take the data straight from my database and update points, runs, members, etc. in seconds, it's made managing things infinitely easier.  There are going to be two new sackholders on Friday, I can't say who yet, though.  They are being promoted because we felt if we're going to be doing split runs then having raid leaders would be very helpful and two of our most knowledgeable members will be stepping into these roles.  Right now the only negative we are experiencing is a distinct lack of white mages and scholars, we only have a few of each, and really need a couple more to make things easier during the splits.


All I can say is the BLMs are getting slammed lately, whether it's inexperience (which I feel is my biggest problem), folks being lazy, or just a lack of general direction.  The black mages have taken the brunt of the blame for recent losses, which in most cases the criticisms are legit and true, but damn I really don't like having fingers pointed at me for fucking things up.  Ah well, maybe this is an opportunity to improve things in the BLM group that have been building up over the last year, at any rate, shit needs to be corrected so we can start blaming things on other people :)

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